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As a former IRS Revenue Agent turned tax attorney, I know exactly how to aggressively fight and resolve your tax problems, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

  • Put a stop to all the calls and letters
  • Prevent the IRS from sweeping your bank accounts
  • Stop the IRS from garnishing your wages
  • Pay only a fraction of what you owe*

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The IRS is relentless when enforcing past due taxes, and dealing with your tax situation on your own can often lead to even more trouble. If you've been contacted about a tax collection or audit, it's critical that you not reply without talking to us first!

Losing sleep over those dreaded IRS letters or phone calls?

Don't let the IRS drain your financial resources or bully you with audit or collection threats. With an inside knowledge of IRS rules & procedures, Whitney Sorrell and the Sorrell Law Firm have helped their clients navigate their options and successfully settle millions of dollars in past-due taxes...  

And we can help you, too.

"Within 8 months Whitney did what the high price law firm said was impossible." - Richard B.

Our Simple 3-Step Tax Resolution Process

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Get back to living while we aggressively protect you & resolve your tax problems.

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Our inside knowledge of IRS rules and procedures means you're in good hands.

The sooner you contact us, the easier it is to resolve your tax debt!


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"I've seen time and time again how the IRS takes advantage of unrepresented taxpayers. Your financial freedom is something I take personally and am committed to fighting for."  

Whitney L. Sorrell, JD, CPA, MBA

As a former IRS Revenue Agent turned tax attorney, Whitney L. Sorrell has a long and proven track record of using his inside knowledge of IRS rules and procedures to represent his clients and creatively finessing solutions that relieve his clients from the burden of outstanding tax debt.

When the stakes are high, Whitney's aggressive representation consistently helps his clients settle their tax debt for less than they owe, protect their most important assets, and put the nagging stress of the IRS in the rear view mirror. 

Areas We Can Help You:

" I first hired a high price Washington D.C. law firm that, after a year and tens of thousands of dollars, was unable to reach any resolution. When I hired Whitney Sorrell I was frustrated, depressed, and had zero confidence this nightmare would end. Within 8 months Whitney did what the high price law firm said was impossible. He then resolved similar problems for my business partners, each time reaching results others told us were not possible."

-Richard B., Client

" My IRS problem posed special issues requiring creative strategies to stay off liens and business account levies that, quite honestly, threatened the continuation of my business. Whitney elevated the matter to senior IRS Collection people and finessed a set of creative solutions giving me the time needed to turn my business around and resolve the outstanding tax debt. I recognize smart lawyering and appreciate the skill Whitney Sorrell brought to solve my complex situation."

-Business Owner, Client

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No matter what the IRS tells you, you have options.

How we have successfully resolved other client's tax debt:

BEFORE: Owed more than $300,000 in past-due taxes from real estate transactions in 2008. AFTER: Client settled and paid only $6,000.

BEFORE: Stuck with thousands in tax debt when husband didn't report earnings from a Ponzi scheme.  

AFTER: Client was completely released from any tax liability.

BEFORE: Faced with the threat of liens, levies, and losing his business.

AFTER: Client borrowed the time he needed to turn his business around and resolve the outstanding tax debt.

In Trouble with the IRS?

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