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Be Smart; Protect Yourself

  • Nobody expects to be sued, yet nearly 325,000 lawsuits were filed in Arizona last year.
  • The risks of owning a business are too high to leave yourself unprotected.
  • Divorce, malpractice suits, sexual harassment claims, and disgruntled business partners are just a few items that hit unprepared business owners with devastating lawsuits.

Protect Your Wealth | Secure Your Legacy | Minimize Taxes

 If you work in a high-risk industry… if it feels likely that you might get sued… if you worry about losing your hard-earned wealth then this message is just for you. Here’s why… 

     And you need to realize, there is a cost to not having a proper plan in place:

What most people do is hope they never get sued. But that doesn't work:

  • If you wait to get sued, it’s too late to put an asset protection plan in place.
  • Failure to plan for the unexpected has terrible results. (Imagine totaling your car without car insurance.)
  • Defending a lawsuit can drain your savings or close your business.

How I Protected My Wealth

I’ve got a strategy that works. Here’s the story: When I first started my business, I was convinced it wouldn't last six months. I had but one client and a dream. To protect myself, I transferred my home to a legal structure that would make it difficult for my creditors to take it from me… 

With my house protected I had the peace of mind knowing my family would have somewhere to live even in the worst case scenario... But for those who actually do get sued the stakes are even higher...

Lori C.

Business Owner

"When my business bloomed to over 340 employees and $3 million revenue, I hired Whitney Sorrell to reorganize my assets and protect my wealth.  Six years later when the market crashed I found myself defending against lawsuits and judgments.  After handing my business planning documents to my creditors, they never called again. Like Whitney says, good legal advice pays for itself!"

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Our Purpose

At Sorrell Law Firm, PLC we know that you want to pass your hard earned wealth to future generations. In order to do that, you need legal advice to protect your business and assets. The problem is that many high net worth individuals fall victim to frivolous lawsuits, which makes you feel afraid of losing your hard-earned wealth. 

We believe you deserve to be fully protected. We understand the anxiety created by potential lawsuits which is why we've helped hundreds of Arizona families design and implement a plan to protect their wealth so they can be certain their legacy is secure.

So, call us at (480) 776-6055 or book an appointment online. And in the meantime, register for our 3-part video series on How To Legally Protect Your Wealth so you can stop living with unnecessary exposure to potential lawsuits, and start living with the peace of mind your wealth is protected.