Probate and Trust Administration

Because the death rate is 100%, your family will ultimately need to either probate your estate or administer your trust. We are professionals at making this uncomfortable but inevitable event as easy as possible. And, in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a probate or trust dispute, Sorrell Law Firm, PLC has the needed experience to protect your rights. The timing and complexity of probate changes with the size and value of assets and the number of parties involved. No matter the size of the estate, Sorrell Law Firm works to protect the interest of the deceased and ensure that the estate is administered in the correct manner. We streamline the probate process to make it as easy and effortless as can be. Even if the deceased had an estate plan in place to avoid probate, administering the trust without proper legal guidance can lead to improper administration and even costly tax consequences. Sorrell Law Firm can assist with each step of the way as you distribute your loved one’s estate, maximizing the benefit of all those involved.

  • Scott Avatar

    Father Passed Away My father hired Whitney to update his trust in 2015. He recently passed away. Whitney and his team did an outstanding job helping myself and my brothers quickly settle the estate and deal with all of the little things that are required after someone passes. Whitney's advice and counsel helped us make sure that as the assets changed hands they were immediately protected. He definitely made things easy for us in a very difficult time.

    Scott 3/09/2018
  • Courtney G. Avatar

    I needed to be legally protected while settling my mother's estate; Whitney Sorrell was the BEST choice. I interviewed 6-8 attorney's and I am very satisfied with my choice to work with Mr. Sorrell. He knows his stuff, does his homework and fights for you. He is not intimidated by the opposing team. He negotiates with finesse. I would hire Whitney Sorrell every single time.

    Courtney G. 6/17/2016