IRS Notices – What should you do?

Time is not on your side when dealing with the IRS. If you received an IRS Notice, then view this video and call our office at 480-776-6055 today!

“I received an IRS notice. They want to lien and levy and garnish my wages. What should I do?” The first answer is you’ve got to respond immediately. Don’t wait, don’t put your head in the sand on this. Certain options that you may have expire in 30 days, so what you can do is you can stop the liens and garnishments if you go forward and get into an installment agreement. This is where you say, “I’ll make monthly payments and pay off the liability over a certain period of time.” The problem is the process for getting into an installment agreement and getting your agreement accepted by the IRS is a little bit more difficult than one would think. So you need to know what to file, what forms to file, who to file them with, and when.

This is something we help clients with on a regular basis. Of course, I was an IRS agent for five years, I understand this process, and we can help you. So give us a call at (480) 776-6055 and we can help you stop those liens and levies before they hit.

About the Author Whitney L. Sorrell, JD, CPA, MBA

Whitney Sorrell is a former IRS Revenue Agent turned tax attorney and CPA.  Mr. Sorrell’s law practice focuses on business organizations and federal tax planning, IRS dispute resolution, asset protection planning for small business owners, and estate planning for nigh net worth individuals.

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